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Here what Others say about Dr. Ojugo

“ Dr. Elizabeth, when I first came to you I was going to require surgery for my back pain, which was radiating down to both legs and causing me great pain. Thanks to you, my referring doctor was so pleased with my progress that he told me that surgery was no longer needed. Many thanks for your special “healing hands” treatments. I feel new again.

Dr. Ojugo, I can hardly believe that in just 3 months I have gone from such severe shoulder pain and restricted mobility to full range of motion and pain free…May God continue to bless you with healing hands, a compassionate heart, and future success.”

“Dr. Elizabeth, thank you so very much for your healing hands and your dedication in helping me with my sciatica pain. Nerve pain has been a problem for me for a long time you took that problem away.”

,“Dr. Ojugo, when I came to see you for my headaches, which I had for nearly three years with constant feelings of nausea and dizziness, I never believed I could find relief with out daily medication, you have truly changed my life and for that I am truly grateful.”

“Dr. Ojugo, I can not begin to express my gratitude for all your help with my 15 month old son. When my son’s doctors told me that he might never walk due to his developmental delays brought on by Down’s Syndrome, my spirits were broken down. With your treatments my son is walking, you have given me the strength to overcome this hurdle and the confidence to overcome those in the future. Dr. Ojugo, you are an angel sent from heaven to help my son.”

“Dr. Elizabeth, before I came to you I was in a great deal of pain due to my chronic headaches I couldn’t focus at work, home, and had trouble sleeping at night. I felt less than whole. With your expertise I feel 100% again, Thank you so very much.”

Dr. Ojugo, when I was referred for physical rehabilitation after my hip replacement surgery I thought I would need to use a walker or cane for the rest of my life. With your help, you have given me the strength and courage to walk tall and proud, and eventually on my own. I am eternally grateful.”

“ Dr. Ojugo, I was referred to your clinic after diagnostic tests revealed I had multiple bulging discs, which were causing severe back pain. I did not want invasive procedures; my orthopedic doctor suggested I try your clinic for pain management. Prior to being under your care, my back pain was excruciating and pain medications gave me only minimal relief. After only two weeks under your care I feel so much better and have not had the need for pain medication in five days. Dr. Elizabeth is highly recommended if any one is in need of her specialty. She is truly gifted”

“Dr. Elizabeth, when I first came to you I had terrible pain in my hands from arthritis and severe case of carpal tunnels making it very difficult for me do live my daily life, but with your hands, knowledge, and kindness… my hands and my life are complete again. Now I no longer walk up at night due to pain and numbness.”

“Dr. Ojugo, I wanted to thank you for helping me in the healing process after my knee surgery. I came to you with intensive pain and stiffness, and with those magic hands I am pain free.

I had fluid on my back and the doctors told me in a few months I was going to be in a wheelchair. My brother met someone on the bus a few weeks ago that told him about Dr. Elizabeth. He said “ I know a very good doctor that will be able to help you, she helped me with my frozen shoulder last year after the doctor told me surgery was my only option.” When I came to your office and saw you, I knew that there was something special about you. Dr. Ojugo you saved me from complicated surgery, I am now free of pain and free of fluid on my back. You are my hero!

“Doctor Ojugo, Thank you so much for helping my knee get back to normal after my ACL tear and reconstruction surgery. As an athlete in soccer, and other sports, my main concern was I may never be able to play again. The day I met you at my school, when you were doing screenings of all the athletes, I told my mother to tell my orthopedic doctor that I wanted to see you for my rehabilitation. You worked with me all summer preparing me for my surgery. You always kept my spirits up no matter how nervous I was for the surgery. After the surgery, I could barely walk, but you had me walking on my own without the use of crutches in less than a month.  Now my knee feels great, probably better than it ever has. Thanks to you, I will be returning to soccer next season.  Thank you Dr. Elizabeth for saving my knee and my future athletic career, you are my best friend.

Dear Dr. Elizabeth. When I first met you it wasn’t as you patient, but after meeting you I felt so comfortable with you I knew you would be the perfect person to help me with pain. I was suffering with low back pain and knee pain. With your gentle touch and wonderful hands my pain was gone. I knew when I began to get terrible headaches that you would be the one to go to. You were there for me whenever I needed you. You have been so much more to me than a doctor you have been my friend and a lifesaver


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